Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Whish you happy every day, always happy, every minute wonderful, every second happiness.

We will have 3 days’ holidays from 1st 2021 to 3rd 2021. Work began on the 4th 2021.

Notice Of EGLOBAL 2021 Chinese Spring Festival Holiday

Dear All, 

Best wishes for you and Happy New Year! 

Please kindly be informed that our factory and office will close from 4th Feb. 2021 to 18th Feb. 2021 for the Chinese Spring Festival Holiday. We will resume Normal Operation on 19th Feb. 2021.  

For order payment after 4th Feb. 2021, delivery will be arranged after the holiday. In order to make delivery time before the holiday, we suggest customers place qty order before 25th Jan. 2021.  

Pretty appreciate your support to help our company go to its eleventh year’s growth. In the past, your trust and support is our most valuable asset and our most precious gift. In the new year, we express our warmest greetings to you, We look forward to more and better communication with you. And we will have more mini computers coming out, so stay tuned. 


How to solve the issue the mini pc can’t enter the operating system

If your pc can’t into the system like this back screen, pls dont worry, You just need setup in the bios

1:Press Ctrl + Alt + Del to restart the pc,then press ESC into the bios, you will see the picture

2: Pls find the “Boot” option

3:Setup the first boot option #1 “windows boot manger……”

4: After “yes”,pls press F10 to save the setup, then the mini pc will restart, and into the windows

How to make the Eglobal Mini Computer V310 support Auto Power on Function

How to make the Eglobal Mini Computer V310 model support Auto Power on Function? Please refer to the following steps.

Step 1. Preparing one set Eglobal V310 model mini computer and the screwdriver.

Step 2. Use the screwdriver open the bottom plate and upper plate.

Step 3. Find the power switch button. There is a three-pin pin next to the power button. There is a jumper connected to the two pins on the left.

Step 4. Pull out the jumper cap and connect the two pins on the right. as the picture shows.